Subjectiveness of peoples standards in Brave new world

The world controllers in brave new world take advantage of the fact that people are always okay with what is normal. This means that for every person in the book no matter how bad their living conditions may seem to people used to something different their conditions are perfectly okay to them just like how we look down on how people lived in the medieval ages who themselves had no possible way knowing how their way of living was barbaric because they had no higher standard to compare it to. The examples in the book are the different classes of people within the world state and the differences between the ‘savages” and the people of the world state. The different classes despite the epsilons being obviously stupid by our standards and the alpha’s being obviously intelligent yet all of the other classes are quite content with their status because they have never experienced anything otherwise(the epsilons may be incapable of this as a result of the bokanovsky process) and have only been told good things about their status. The same goes for the differences between the people of the world state and the people of the savage lands who each have grown accustomed to different environments. As a reader our environment is more like that of the savages so we side with them in the story. However it is easily feasible that if we had been grown in a similar environment as the people in the world state we would have no problem with their way of life.

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