I search post: Why did Huxley give characters certain names

While reading through the book and discussing it in discussions a important part of the book that came up was the naming of the characters. Names like Bernard Marx or Mustapha Mond stand out. My self I found Mustapha Mond to be a interesting name because in french “monde” means world, but as that is that just means that it implies that he controls the world which the reader already knows as he is the “world controller”.  Bernard Marx is a more recognizable name that I think stands for Karl Marx who is famous for popularizing communism. By reading the pre-word written by Huxley years after the original publishing of the book he made it clear that he did not like most form of modern government. The pre-word written in the sixties during the cold war now warned of society evolving into the society in Brave new world or it could be individual nations threatening each other with nuclear bombs. A key thing that I would note about the time that the book was written is that it was written during the times of the rise of Facism and Communism. These forms of government shared many of the characteristics of the “world state” in brave new world. I believe that Huxley quite clearly demonstrates that he believes that nothing good can come of civilisation and the eventual state that he believed it would reach is demonstrated in brave new world. Huxley named the characters in the book to relate their actions and situations to the real world to give the reader some parallels to the authors criticisms of modern society. The naming of the characters in this story serves to demonstrate relationships between the real world and brave new world giving the reader better understanding of the book and Huxley many messages written into it.


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