Working with finger foods

Recently I have been working a lot with finger foods studios. Finger foods in a software development company that offers a wide range of physical products and software services. I have over the last two months been helping with finger foods with testing their app for using sphero (a mechanized ball that you control from you phone) that they want to use to teach students programming.

Next Monday and Tuesday on the 20th and 21st I get to go to the Vancouver tech convention. This is a pretty cool experience for me because I will get to go to the event for free when the tickets are usually 900$!

I have been getting help from some of their software engineers with Attend which I am very excited about because it needs very little work to complete and I am driving hard right now to get it done.


Recently I have been working on a new app idea. For a bit of background I was at my friend Brandons house and was thinking of ways that we could use I-Beacon’s. The way we came up with is using I-Beacons to prove that a student really is inside of the school/classroom. A teacher-side app would be notified of this and check-off a student on a list showing that the student attended school/class. This app would save time for teachers which would get all of their attendance information automatically and be able to send it off to the head office. Currently we have both android, web and iOS apps nearing completion and plan to test the app in our school slightly before or after christmas break.