Vancouver tech conference day 1

Today I had the privilege to attend the Vancouver tech conference with my friend Brandon. Because of our relationship with Fingerfoods we got to attend the event as long as we helped promote their app. I spent most of it at the finger foods stand demonstrating their app to people passing by and driving spheros (little rolling robot spheres). While doing this I met a large number of people and had some very interesting conversations.

I did get a chance to tour around the other exhibits though. I am still processing all of the different booths that I got to see.

Probably the coolest thing for me however was the number of news interviews and the general amount of interest the stand got. I myself got interviewed by three different new reporters from the Vancouver sun, CBC and global news!

Looking forward to coming back tomorrow, this time with business cards so I can set up relationships with the people that I get to talk with.

The Fingerfoods stand

The Fingerfoods stand


Brandon getting interviewed.

Brandon getting interviewed.

The maze that we were driving the Spheros on.

The Sphero maze.

Finding the speed of light

For physics class I have been asked to make a experiment to do with optics and waves. For my experiment I have decided to try to find the speed of light!

The current experiment that I am building works like this.

You need a laser, a dremel(something that rotates very very fast), a mirror, a custom bit for the dremel that has a mirror attached to it and a box with a hole through it (this is protect you from shrapnel if the custom bit breaks)

To carry out the experiment you point the laser at the mirror on the dremel and position the second mirror to reflect the laser that comes from the mirror on the dremel back to the mirror. The laser from the dremel should reflect straight back into the laser when everything is properly set up. The dremel bit should be inside to box and the laser shining through the hole in the box.

How the experiment works is that when you turn on the dremel and turn up the power so that it is spinning at about 550 rotations per second or 35000 rpm. When the laser hits the mirror on the dremel it bounces to the second mirror and then back to the mirror on the dremel.

The cool bit is that the dremel has turned very slightly during the time it took to reach the second mirror and bounce back causing the angle that the laser bounces of it at to be different. When you look at the final point the laser reaches, it will now no longer be right back into the laser but slightly off to the side instead.

Using what we know about the difference between where the laser is with the dremel spinning and where it is when it isn’t you can find the speed of light.

Now spinning something at 35000 rpm is very fast. Currently I have been running into problems with the  dremel bits that I have made. The problem is that if they are even slightly unbalanced they create vibrations that ruin results of the experiment and can potentially result in the bit flying apart(which is why you need to have it in the box). Currently the second bit that I have made is looking to be very balance but is also very hard to make. Once that is made the next step for me will be actually carrying out the experiment.

Working with finger foods

Recently I have been working a lot with finger foods studios. Finger foods in a software development company that offers a wide range of physical products and software services. I have over the last two months been helping with finger foods with testing their app for using sphero (a mechanized ball that you control from you phone) that they want to use to teach students programming.

Next Monday and Tuesday on the 20th and 21st I get to go to the Vancouver tech convention. This is a pretty cool experience for me because I will get to go to the event for free when the tickets are usually 900$!

I have been getting help from some of their software engineers with Attend which I am very excited about because it needs very little work to complete and I am driving hard right now to get it done.