Three most trusted websites

My three most trusted websites. Are wikipedia, google finance [not everything], google maps. I use wikipedia often and most of the time do not double check information. Google finance I trust for stock market information. However the news google finance provides is not reliable and iIignore it. Google  maps is my most trusted website by far and is my main website for travel information.

Cool math

I was working on a problem where you have to find the biggest palindrome that you can as long as it is between 10-99. After i found that 89 was a good palindrome I let other people actually find out how long it would go on[ It turned out be 24]. I started think about if the number was prime of if it’s square root would have any effect on it. Then while randomly thinking i found the if you took a number like 19 added it with its palindrome to get ¬† 110 then I take 19 or 91 and add 9 to 1 or 1 to 9 to get 10. Then i take 110 and divide it by 1o to get 11. You will get 11 for every number under 100 i have not had much success from numbers over 100.