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Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel? give three examples

I believe that there is a good chance I could be friends with the protagonist in my novel Maurice but it would be incredibly difficult to do. Even though Maurice is a cat he is quite intelligent because of eating some sort of weird substance and has some human friends in the story so i believe it would be possible to become friends. In the book maurice is friends with a group of intelligent rodents and some humans.

Maurice would be a good friend to have if you met him at the end of the book but at the start of the book he was manipulative and greedy and just used people for his own gain. Even if i became friends with him it would not be a good deal for me probably ending with me being scammed in some way. At the start of the book Maurice’s only goal is to gather enough money retire in a nice home. he gets this money by scamming entire villages out of their money. However at the end of the book he realises it is better just to become part of the town and that family and friends is more important than his goal to retire in some nice house.

Now To actually become friends with Maurice. To really become friends with Maurice you have to find a way to earn his trust. In the book the only way that any one couldĀ  earn his trust was by always showing great care towards him even and realiseing he is actually a good person and will just do anything to help his family/friends.

Ultimately Maurice is quite hard to befriend but if you are one of the lucky few who manage to become friends with him are a much valued part of his life and are loyally protected and helped when in trouble. Going back to my thesis you certainly could become friends with Maurice but it would take a lot of time and effort but it most certainly would be worth it.